Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sim-Sim is coming out of his shell

Sim-Sim is a long, lean cat, but he is pretty skinny at only 7.4lbs. He was very shy when he first came to our place, but he's venturing out more and more; sometimes we find him on the top of the cat post in the living room, sometimes on the couch or even wandering around the living room. I've fallen in love with this shy guy - it makes me so happy to see him becoming more and more comfortable in our house. It's so entertaining to watch him play like a kitten with the twitchy tail or some of the cat nip toys.

**Update on the kittens** Cameo (calico), Aspen (orange) and Shiloh (tabby) are now ready for adoption and they should be on the website very soon! Two sweet little black kitties just came in today from rural Alberta, along with an older kitten/young adult, a beautiful Tortie with medium-length hair. She'll be available very soon. She has the most beautiful coat.

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