Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meet Bunny!

We've been on a break from fostering pups while our own ARF puppy is in training. But a really little tail-less orange kitty looked me in the eyes at the Blood Tribe Wellness clinic in Cardston and said, "will you please foster me???" So here we are, with our first foster kitty!
Meet Major Bunny Colvin, Bunny for short. He has a little stub of a tail and hops around so he somewhat resembles a baby rabbit. Bunny is super sweet, and loves to curl up on our laps (especially when I'm on the computer!!!) He likes to snuggle up to his foster parents, and is also getting along well with our two resident cats, and our puppy. Bunny isn't fixed yet, so he isn't quite ready for adoption. He weighs just about 2 pounds but I'm not sure how old he is.