Thursday, June 24, 2010

New pups!

Our little Omar and Marlo have moved to another foster home as I was away for a few days for work. I miss my boys - they were so easy to train to do tricks!

We have since welcomed home Joey and Ross! These two brothers are going to be big boys. Ross is already 26lbs and Joey is just about 21lbs. Ross has monstrous, clumsy paws and is thick and chubby. Joey is big, but leaner than his bro.

The boys were quite timid at first - Beadie told them once that she was the boss and they avoided her for several hours. I finally got them to follow me into the back yard and run around. Within half a day they were regular pups. They also learned to go up and down the stairs and walk on a leash. It's been a huge day.

The pups seem to be pretty quiet when in the company of the other at least. They are learning to sit but don't know their names yet. We're going to try the crate tonight (now that they are pooped after their first walk!)

Ross is already extra close to our heart because he looks so similar to Levi - an adorable, chubby shepherd cross that spent several weeks with us and we really considered adopting. The resemblance is uncanny. We love Joey too - he's his own special guy - and even though there are lots of 'black n tans' out there, we haven't had one like Joey.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Tomorrow lil Omar and Marlo make their big debut. In preparation, Marlo is trying on his new collar. He's a little nervous and not sure the colour suits him, but we're trying to convince him that A) it's very useful, and B) it looks good. So if you see him tomorrow, let him know he rocks his happy face collar.

Lil Omar is a good student. Having mastered sit and shake a paw like his bro, he's now moving on to "down." Maybe we'll demonstrate tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Four dogs!

Well...temporarily. I don't think we could manage four for much longer! Impossible to get them all in one picture. Left to right: Marlo, Omar, Thelma, and fleeing the scene, Louise (probably chasing Beadie - she loves Beadie!)

Marlo and Omar are ready for adoption!

Marlo and Omar are pretty comfortable now - we're going on four weeks together. Last week they had a four-day slumber party with siblings Thelma and Louise. What a houseful! Fun times! (and lots of mop buckets).

The pups just got fixed so that means they are ready to be adopted! This is the first time we've had pups for so long before they are ready for adoption - it's been neat to see the little munchkins grow. Did I mention they've been sitting and shaking a paw since they were 6 weeks old!? So smart.