Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Marlo and Omar

Well after a brief hiatus we're back to fostering; our new pups are something different for us - they're 5 weeks old so they won't be ready for adoption for another three weeks. We haven't had pups this young before, but so far they seem just like the 8 week old ones but they sleep more, poop more and pee more. The sleeping more bit makes up for the latter.

Omar and his bigger brother Marlo are delightful. They love cuddles and love to tussle together.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bodie's Update

We're on a break from fostering, so the pups in the photo above are the only ones keeping us busy at the moment. But this morning brought an update from one of our favorite fosters: Bodie. The little man is super happy in his forever home (and his adoptive two-legged parents are equally stoked). He's learning even more tricks and as his roadside-rescuer and I both noted, he is FULL of cuddles.

Back in a few weeks with a new pup, new pics, and new adventures:)