Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stay tuned for more puppy stories...

The house feels quiet, and I walked back from the lilac festival along Hutch's regular route... seemed lonely without him. It won't be long before another pup arrives, so stay tuned for details. In the meantime, it's time for some housecleaning and some sleep!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hutch / Remy finds his forever home!

Tomorrow Hutch, now named Remy (Remi?) will go to his forever home. What a lucky pup to find such a lovely family!

We went for (what was probably our last) big walk to the park to retrieve one last stick. What a good puppy - he loves to carry the stick all the way back from the park, and it's as if the stick gives him permission to run - cause he loves to jog home.

So, the first puppy fostering experience has made me a fan of crate training, and a fan of the dog whisperer.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hutch *may* have found his forever home too!

Tomorrow morning Hutch goes to visit a family. I'll keep you posted with how things go. As I write, he's asleep in his crate after a long walk. The resident cats have taken to sleeping on top of his crate. Either that's their way of showing me that they're the boss, or they are really taking a liking to the puppy. I like to think it's the latter...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip to PetsMart

Hutch is into some serious chewing, and was needing something else to keep him occupied while we're out (now that his brother has gone to his forever home). As usual, Hutch was a total hit at PetsMart, and in addition to scoring some Kong stuffings, he swiped a squeaky snake off the shelf and convinced me he just had to have it. (I happily obliged as he seems to be playing with the cats' toys more than anything else).

Lots of exercise today - a big long walk in the morning, and in the evening too - walks on the leash like a champ!

We're trying to learn "leave it" and "go to your crate" - baby steps... baby steps....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Starsky finds forever home

Starsky went to his forever home last night. Foster mama and papa, the two kitties and Hutch said goodbye last night. I think Starsky will be really happy with his new family and step-sister, Lady.

Hutch is doing well. He didn't have a single accident today (I guess there's still time...) but he "held it" all day while we were at work. He seems a little agitated that his brother is gone... chasing the cats a little more, and turned his pen upside down.

On the up side, Hutch is awesome on his leash and loves walks! He even went for a wee jog at our Ultimate practice tonight. He's working on roll over, and really loves belly rubs! We're walking every morning and every night - Hutch has lots of energy so his forever home will need to be able to provide lots of exercise to this big cutie!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hutch celebrates spring!

Finally - nice weather and above zero temperatures = lots of time outside with the pups!

Favorite foster auntie!

Puppy update

A bit of a puppy blogging break as foster auntie was here for a week. Those lucky pups, hardly had to be alone at all. They know their crate is their special place, but it can also be a playhouse. This morning Starsky held onto one end of the tug rope from inside the crate, and Hutch grabbed the other end, essentially pulling the crate around the kitchen like a wagon.

The pups enjoy spending lots of time outside, and enjoy their evening walks - they are very good on the leash! They've taken more of an interest in the cats, but are not aggressive, and Yuki puts them in their place when they've come too close.

Today is the pups' last day together. Starsky - to be renamed Sarge - had a home visit yesterday and will go to his forever home today. Hutch should find his forever home soon too - get your applications in quickly!

Lastly - we've almost got the kindergarten level of "roll over" down pat!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big, long walk!

Pups seemed to have all kinds of energy tonight so foster mama and foster auntie decided to take them for a walk... I thought we'd make it a few blocks, but those pups had so much energy and walked SO well on a slack leash that we made it all the way to the park where we picked up some great sticks and then headed home. Pups walked all the way home except the last two blocks. They'll sleep well tonight!

Starsky had a visit from a family the other night, and may have found his forever home. Will you be Hutch's forever home?

We're trying to learn "roll over" although it seems to be more challenging than the other commands so far.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Starsky the gardener...

He can't be blamed for starting the hole... but any chance he gets, he's making it a little deeper...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adopt me!

My favorites are red slippers!

Lazy days!

Our big debut and a few new tricks!

Starsky and Hutch had their big debut today at PetsMart. I think they were a real hit and put on their best behaviour, even showing off their leash-walking, come here-ing and sitting. They were a little calmer than usual, so don't be deceived! On such a nice day, they spent all morning exploring the backyard while foster-papa tended to the yard. They're also learning a few new things - Foster Auntie taught them to chase a ball and Starsky is learning "down" - Hutch too, but he's lagging behind on this command! Fewer accidents today -but we did spend much of it enjoying the outdoors!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Two brothers playing in the leaves. So cute!


Yes, that's right, we practiced, and may have even learned "SIT!" tonight - with relative ease. These a clever pups. They know "good boy" means... well... good boy, and they (especially Hutch) know "Here!"... and, we'll see if they remember "sit" tomorrow morning. Maybe they'll really impress you tomorrow at PetsMart:)

Escape artists

Starsky and Hutch are doing very well with crate training - or so they were... Last night they went easily into the crate and settled very quickly. I thought I was going to catch up on the sleep I missed on their first night (because we went to bed late, not because they woke up). But my plans were foiled - somehow, those little monkeys wrangled their way out of the crate while I was asleep. Mark realized and woke me up, alerting me to the escape artists. Groggy, and thinking I should take them outside immediately, one of the munchins was too quick for sleepy Erin, and piddled right in front of me. Outside, pee, inside, crate. Cry, hush, cry, sleep. This time, I'd shut the bedroom door, 45 minutes later, I hear scratching at the bedroom door. Those little Houdinis had done it again! Outside, pee, move to the exercise pen with crate inside, door open; cry, hush, cry, hush, cry, okay I'll sleep on the hard linoleum beside you, sleep, Erin moves back to comfy bed. This was however, no fault of their own, and I am proud to report that they love their crate and choose to snuggle in it on their own. We just need a crate with a secure door!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Why won't she play with us?

Will you be my forever home?

Come visit us - Chinook Petsmart - Saturday 1-3pm!

A day at home with the pups

I took today off work to help the puppies ease into being house dogs. Starsky and Hutch are getting used to the IN/OUT and PLAY/SLEEP routine. We're still working on doing the business outside, but we're getting there! As much as I would love to spend every waking moment with them, the pair are spending chunks of time in their exercise pen so their foster mom/dad and adoptive mom/dad can rest easy when they're away from the house!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So little... for now:) They're going to be big doggies someday!

Starsky hogged the dogbed during their first nap, and he seems a little confused. He slept on the pillow, with his head on the floor...

Hutch seems to be the boss, but maybe that's just cause his brother Starsky has a bandaged foot. Hutch seems to have the headstart on "HERE!" and is loving training with treats! This little guy and his brother are true mixed breeds... and definitely need a bath! (Sponge bath of course, as they just had surgery today!)

The house is quiet...

We welcomed home Starsky and Hutch tonight. Despite still feeling the affects of anesthetic after their surgery, the two 8-week olds are (still slightly awkward) bundles of energy... they're just down for their nap. Two pups, and two cats are a lot of work, but so far, Starsky and Hutch are pretty oblivious to the cats - they'd rather play with each other. Cats don't really seem to care either. They're already spoiled with toys (in an effort to deter chewing) but they seem to prefer my pantleg. After running around in the backyard and checking out their new foster home, the pair seem out for the night... well, we'll see...

Hutch has a little more white on his chest (and is in my arms in the embedded photo), Starsky has the red collar and is a little huskier than his brother. He's also got a bandage on his foot as he had a dew claw removed today too.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Preparing for puppies

After some consideration, and months of "dog envy" whenever we see other people with their dogs, we've decided to foster puppies through A.R.F - Animal Rescue Foundation. We like how ARF takes extra steps to ensure their rescued puppies and dogs are placed in good homes. This is one more way for us to give back, and to share our love of animals with some furry friends.

Not sure how Kaz and Yuki, the resident cats will respond. I expect there will be some spitting and hissing, but that in general, they'll be very curious to meet their foster brothers and sisters.

More information about fostering with ARF, or adopting an ARF puppy (or donating to ARF) is available here:

We expect to welcome home Starsky and Hutch, our first foster pups, around the middle of the week. Stay tuned...