Friday, June 26, 2009

Saying goodbye? maybe?

Kima may find her forever home this weekend. Just in case, we took lots of pictures!! Your life is not complete until you have a dog! (don't tell my cats that!)

Kima *may* have found her forever home!

What fun we've had in the last few weeks! Kima is going to make a forever home very, very happy - and she may just have found that forever home...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Walk update

Well, noticable improvement on today's walks. I attribute this to a few things. 1) getting out of town and realizing that walking can take you to really cool places; 2) the harness; 3) foster mom's dedicated and highly skilled training... hahaha. Kima, in general, is responding well to "ah-ah-ah-ah"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First trip!

Kima accompanied us for a 1-night camping trip this weekend. She loved sleeping in the tent (in her crate) and cuddled up between us while it rained outside. She's also getting better in the crate in the car (little crying!) but still gets carsick from time to time.

Kima has two visitors this week - I suspect she'll find her forever home soon. We will miss her dearly, I'm sure!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will rollover [sometimes] for treats

Another day, another trick... okay, it's not quite that easy. But Kima did rollover (several times) tonight, and seemed to think it was a great little trick. We're continuing to work on "down"... we're getting there. Also making a little progress with "leave it" - it depends on the context, and just how excited she is...

We're also working on the walking... she will continue to need work here. Kima is into nipping too, so we need to work on the walking, so that we get more exercise, and work on some bite inhibition. Major improvements on the crate training - since Saturday night she's been sleeping in the crate. Usually she wakes up and needs a pee at least once, but last night she slept through the night! (11-5:30 anyway). As long as she's had enough exercise, she hardly fusses at all. We're so proud of her!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The great things in life...

1. Lounging in the backyard

2. Chasing the cats (I'm learning to be gentle)

3. Chewing on my Chewlotta or other good treats

4. Keeping the mind active with cool new tricks

5. Playing with my Malamute friend

6. Cuddling with foster Mommy and Daddy

7. Hearing everyone say how cute I am and how well behaved and smart I am!

8. Playing with squeaky toys

9. Shopping for new squeaky toys

10. Sticks, sticks, sticks.

Kima update!

Well, never say never. Kima is now sleeping in her crate, and goes to sleep with very little, VERY little whining. She's also VERY good at home during the day while foster Mommy and Daddy are away at work. Not a fan of the activity pen, Kima prefers to spend the days in our bedroom with lots of toys, her Chewlotta and other things that make her happy, after a morning walk of course.

On the walk front, Kima started out as an expert walker, and has since developed some silly habits. She plays this game where she walks a few steps, and then sprawls out on the ground, determined not to move. We picked up a cool new harness tonight that helps a bit. She dislikes walking AWAY from home, and LOVES walking towards home. Somehow she has it all figured out in her little GPS head.

We will continue to work on "leave it" and try to introduce "stay" and improve "down." Kima is a smart cookie, and gives great high-fives!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am so cute

After running around with Nahlu, Kima takes a break. So cute! How do we let this one go!?

My new friend

Nahlu the Malamute/Wolf cross is Kima's new friend... although in this picture, Nahlu is more interested in the resident cat hiding up in the tree.

Play with me!

I may have barked at Autumn and Jemma at PetsMart, and that big litter of black/white/beige pups, but I really do love to play with other dogs. My new friend is Nahlu, the big Malamute. I wish she'd play with me more.... I know she finds me cute and funny, she just pretends to be too cool sometimes.

My newest trick...

Foster Mommy taught me to shake a paw, then foster daddy one up'ed her and taught me to give a high five... but my favorite trick yet... after demonstrating that I was capable of walking on a leash, I fooled them both. I now like to walk five steps, then lay down and watch them stop. Hahaha, who's got who trained!?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet surprise from Remy and Family!

Kima made her debut at PetsMart today, and met lots of little and big dogs. The biggest surprise came late in the afternoon when in walked in my last foster doggy, Hutch/Remy. He's grown so much in 2 weeks and his ears now stand up. Everyone asks if it's hard to give up the puppies, and of course it is, but I'm consoled knowing what great families they are going to. That said, your heart breaks a little, and it was a wonderful surprise to see Remy and his family today:)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Meet me at PetsMart - Saturday 1pm!

Kima will be at the Chinook PetsMart (back NE corner) on Saturday from 1-3pm. Come visit with Kima and a number of other A.R.F pups!

Anesthetic has completely worn off and Kima is back to her normal self after her spay yesterday. She's mighty happy to be at home with the cats and all her squeaky toys!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


(Kima) "I missed you."
(Mark) "I missed you, too!"

Kima's back!

We picked the little Keemster up from the vet tonight. She was pretty dopey, but happy to see us, as we were to see her! It's a long drive to the vet, and moments before we arrived at the vet last night, she was carsick. Tonight, we were minutes from the apartment when she got carsick again. Poor little baby!

She was happy to be back outside, so we took the opportunity to take a few more pics - as we're pretty sure Kima will be adopted quickly - so we're cherishing every moment!

I've also taken this opportunity (while she's still dopey and just after being in a crate at the vet's) to try closing the door on the crate... and... Voila! It worked, and she just keeps going in there! Now we'll see if that lasts past tonight...

I missed you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Uh-oh... is that a foster daddy getting attached? It's hard not too, Kima is super good, and super cute. So cute, that foster daddy let her sit in his lap on the couch... uh-oh...

Playful puppy... mmm sticks!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

More cuddles please!

I have a feeling this one spent some time indoors... seems to be determined to get on the couch and just LOVES to cuddle. Kima follows us everywhere - it's very cute, but makes crate training more challenging. However, we've taken the door off the crate, and she gets her food in there, along with all kinds of special toys, and is now going into the crate (doorless) on her own. She'll get used to it in no time.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Introducing.... "KIMA"!

After one dog-less week, we just picked up KIMA (pronounced Kee-ma). The prize goes to anyone who knows where that name came from....

Kima is about 10 weeks old and is an A.R.F special (aka, a mixed breed). She is super cute, and in the few hours that she's been with us, we've learned that she loves attention and loves to cuddle. She always wants to sit in your lap! She's learning about toys, and like Hutch and Starsky, loves the purple platapus, and the big snake that Hutch picked out at PetsMart.

Perhaps I'm jinxing myself here, but Kima seems to be able to "hold it." She also learned "sit" very quickly (using a treat, the command, and hand gesture all together), so I'm wondering if she hadn't learned this before... That, or I am a damn good dog trainer and should maybe re-think my career. Kidding.

We're going to try walking later tonight. Will provide an update later on crate training day 1... While "sit" and "lie down" may come easily, this may be more challenging... or not.

Coming soon: New puppy!

Check back in a few hours for news on the new A.R.F puppy!!! The cats are enjoying a few final minutes of peace, but I'm axiously awaiting the new puppy! Good thing too... much longer without a dog and I would have to adopt Foxy.