Monday, March 29, 2010

Home feels empty - Foster has found his forever home!

It crossed my mind more than once that Foster's forever home may have been right here with us - but the very small, rational part of my brain, and my very rational husband told me on more than one occasion that although Foster was the right dog, it was not the right time for us to extend our family of four-legged creatures. Instead, Foster has found a wonderful home with a super cool couple, and by all accounts, was wagging his tail as he left. I don't take this as an insult, but as an indication of how much he already loves his forever home! Beadie is still confused and mopes about, waiting for the next "foster" to arrive. Poor girl, she may have to wait a while - we'll see. But I'm sure when the next pup or pups arrive, she'll be very keen to show them the ropes and play with them. For now, two cats will have to do.

Friday, March 26, 2010

There's a dog on my couch and a cat on my table...

It's the new world order over here. Foster has been making himself at home on the couch for a few weeks now. If you can't find him, you know to look on the couch. The cats have been drinking out of a water glass on the table basically since we started fostering, but right now, one of them is having a snooze on the kitchen table. I love them just the same.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What do you mean I can't chew my bones on the couch?

Yeah, that's his routine. Look real cute and maybe you won't get kicked off the couch for bringing your disgusting raw bone up there.... I guess he loves both and just can't decide between the tempting yummy treat, and the supreme comfort of foster fam's sofa....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun times at the ARF Adoptathon

Foster had a fun-filled day at the ARF adoptathon while Beadie pouted and wondered where her friend went. Foster became fast friends with Cheerio and Zoey, and Jo-Jo and Shooglie weren't too bad either. Foster's met Cash before and everyone says they look like twins - here they are hanging out together!

Foster is a wicked awesome dog. People kept commenting today that he was really thin. Foster is on a set diet as he shouldn't carry extra weight because of the trauma to his hind end. Extra weight is hard on the joints of any pet, but would put added stress on Foster. He loves his food and finishes it quickly, so we're trying other ways of getting him to savor it...He hasn't quite figured out the Tug-a-Jug yet, but i think he'll get there. Foster is always looking for food and this leads me to one of his only bad habits... he's a bit of a garbage collector and also samples dog poop. So, it's important that he soon learn "leave it" and "drop it"!!

We've been told that Foster is a bit of a chewer, as is our own dog, so we've been careful to keep a stock of acceptable chew toys and treats for Foster to stay busy with. He hasn't shredded any blankets in our home, but apparently he was in this habit with his previous home when he was recovering from his injuries. I attribute this change to a few things - perhaps the fact that he's getting close to two hours of exercise a day, - probably the fact that he's kept in a dog room while we're away (and is with another dog doesn't hurt either) - and he's always left with smart toys and sometimes a raw bone to keep him busy.

Some of Foster's favourite treats include:
Ice Cubes
Peanut Butter
Delicious Bison Bones (raw, and a cut that doesn't break apart)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet me at the ARF adoptathon!

Foster along with many of his 'foster' friends will be at ARF's adoptathon on Sunday. Learn more here! But don't say I didn't warn you, Foster is even more lovable and adorable in person!

"I'll show you..."

So I may have said at one point that I doubted Foster would be able to jump up on the bed as he couldn't even get up on the couch. Well, that's the last time I tell Foster what he's capable of... despite his previous injury, he has proven that yes, he can jump up on the bed (he only does this once in a while) and he can very, very easily get up on the couch, and back down, and back up with his disgusting bone, and back down, and back up etc. As you can see, he has made himself quite comfortable around our other companions...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

That's the kind of day it's been!

They're both pooped! Foster was introduced to former foster dog, Kima today along with Kima's crew for an off leash walk down in Southland. From there, we headed to Petsmart for Foster's debut. He did really well and enjoyed the opportunity to meet some other "foster" puppies big and small. Then we all came home and crashed on the bed!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Foster's Debut! Saturday @ Petsmart!

Think Foster is as awesome as we do? Come meet him on Saturday at the Chinook Petsmart from 1-3pm!

We've known from the moment we saw Foster that he was special, but every day reveals yet another amazing trait. Tonight Foster Daddy even said, and I quote, "I'd totally keep Foster if we didn't already have a dog." There you have it folks, the proof that Foster is wicked awesome.

Foster Facts:
1. Completely house trained, doesn't even 'go' when he's home alone during the day (in a dog room)
2. Super affectionate and happy. We crack up when his tail goes around in circles or thumps against the floor.
3. Good recall, loves the off leash park, good on leash, loves to go for walks!
4. Despite his hard start in life, Foster is 100% puppy and is just as playful and goofy as another pup.
5. He plays fetch, sits, lies down, shakes, goes to his bed, sleeps all night in a crate without a peep.
6. Thinks cats are pretty cool, and dogs are well, awesome.
7. Loves food, treat motivated and very trainable, but will also sit and wait while his food dish is filled.
8. Knows to sit when he gets his leash put on or taken off.
9. Full of unconditional love, puppy kisses and cuddles.
10. Did I mention that we haven't had a single accident!?!?!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Remember Levi&Edge? Former Foster Updates!

Ohhhh I love mail, especially mail from our former foster pups! This week brought news from two pups who spent several weeks with us...any longer and we may have ended up with a bigger you remember Levi and Edge (now Ruby)? Well, those two munchkins are still growing like weeds and from the picture updates, they look like they have settled into their families very nicely - and I'm not sure how it's possible, the two of them look even more cuddly and lovable than I remember them. I wonder if they would remember each other? I'm guessing they'd still wrestle like crazy.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun times in the new foster home!

Foster is fitting in just fine. In fact, him and Beadie have become fast friends. Beadie loves to have someone to chase her, and Foster loves to chase Beadie when she's got the ball in her mouth. Foster will also fetch and thinks it's just amazing that if he brings the ball back and drops it, he might get a treat!

Foster is fully potty trained, and holds it while we're away. He will now spend his "alone time" in our dog room with Beadie. At night, he sleeps in a crate. The first night was a little rough so Mark ended up sleeping on the floor with him. Last night was much better - took a little while to settle (a little whining) and then he was out for the night.

This little guy loves to go for walks, and walks like a pro on leash, keeping the leash nice and loose, and while he stops to sniff, he comes along when called. He's also reliable off leash, and as you can see from the pics, enjoys his time at the off-leash park.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Foster the Foster Dog!

We've mixed things up a little bit. Rather than taking in a young pup again, we've taken over the care of Foster. Foster is approximately six months old and a pup who's been through a lot in his short life. You can read more about Foster's story on ARF's website. Foster just arrived last night, but he's fitting in nicely. Beadie loves having a pup around, especially one her own size, and even that cats think Foster is pretty cool (for a dog).

Foster has been going to physiotherapy to help him recover from his surgeries, but aside from a somewhat funny gait, he's a regular 6 month old puppy. Thanks to the awesome vet tech who took Foster under his wing, he already knows a number of commands: sit, down, shake, go to your bed, go to your kennel etc. He also fetches and gives you the ball back! He loves to run and play. Of course he is a little slower than our own dog, and conserves his energy, but he's every bit a happy puppy who's very grateful of a nice warm home and people who love and care for him.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Farewell Fuzzy - we'll miss you!

You're now an ARF Foster Dog Alumnus! We had such a great last day together! So proud of the way you learned to fetch. You make me laugh so much the way you run up and down the hills at the dog park like a little bear cub. We wish you all the best in your forever home!! Congrats to R and K!