Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sasha is adopted! Now there are none!

Wow! what a busy day! Sasha made her debut at Petsmart today. Little did I know that she already had an application, so today she met her forever family - an awesome family that will love her and cuddle her, and have a kitty friend for her to play with. They're already getting ready to spoil her rotten!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sasha will be at Petsmart! Saturday 1-3pm (Chinook Location)

ARF animals go to Petsmart at Chinook every Saturday between 1-3pm so that potential adopters can meet animals available for adoption. Cats very rarely make these public appearances as the environment can be stressful, especially for cats that don't live with dogs. But for cats or kittens that live with dogs, it's a great way to introduce them to potential forever homes - for this reason, Sasha will be making her public debut this weekend!

Monday, October 25, 2010

We're down to 1! Lloyd is adopted!

Sasha is all by her lonesome (she's sitting on my shoulder as I blog). Lloyd was adopted tonight by a teenage girl and her family who just adore him. He's going to another home with other dogs and cats and lots of love, so he'll be right at home.

Sasha may make her Petsmart debut later this week (Saturday, 1-3pm at the Chinook location) - we'll keep you posted. She'd love to go to a home with another ARF kitty, or go to a home that has another younger kitty to play with.

"I thought you were 'retired'?"

It's true. We are "retired" from dog fostering. It doesn't mean we don't love puppies! Risotto and Italia are the last of the Italian litter - their littermates were all adopted this week... so if you're interested, get your application in! We're just puppy-sitting these two for a few days. That gives me my puppy fix and reminds me how much work it is to foster dogs!

Risotto (M) is the blond with interesting eyes. They appear to be part blue and part green so you have to look at them twice to really figure out what colour they are. Italia (F) is the smaller of the two. She's super cuddly and a little more adventurous than her bigger brother.

Yuki and the kitties

So Yuki has come around, and on her own terms (like those pictured here) she likes to interact with the kittens. She even let Lizzie and Sasha "nurse" from her before Lizzie was adopted. The kitties love her crate, but she seems to be trying to tell them it's hers.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dog-loving kitties

Matti got a new bully stick and the two remaining kittens were also interested. Matti shared briefly. Lloyd didn't really eat it, rather just played with the end of it while Matti nibbled away. Then Beadie devoured her whole bully stick, came back and stole Matti's and the fun was all over.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lloyd - the cat that loves dogs

Well, the whole litter is good with our dogs, but Lloyd really loves Beadie and curls up with her every night so we'd really like to see him go to a home with other animals, dogs or cats or both.

Lloyd's Petsmart Debut

ARF dogs to go Petsmart every Saturday between 1-3 so that potential adopters can meet them in person. On very rare occasions, a cat makes an appearance. Today Lloyd and I decided to try it out. I didn't advertise it on the website in case he really hated it and we left quickly. But, Lloyd stayed for the whole time and even interacted with a few of the puppies, especially Zara (apparently Zara has cats in her foster home).

And yes, for those who didn't know, ARF does have cats!

These kitties are flying outta here! 2 more adoptions!

What a week! Ari left on Sunday and then yesterday I had calls about some of the other kittens. Lizzie ended up joining Ari (and apparently Ari is super happy to be reunited with his sister!), and Sloan went to a home with another cat earlier today.

Lloyd, being the dog-loving cat (he enjoys cuddling up to Beadie, one of our ARF dogs) that he is, made his unofficial debut at Petsmart today. He was a rockstar! He wasn't freaked out by the dogs (or people) at all and spent most of the time cuddling in my ARF hoodie. He did interact with Zara and Avery and made quite an impression on one family so who knows - he could soon be adopted too! That just leaves Sasha...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adopt-a-thon and 1 Adoption!

In a matter of minutes, the first of the five Cardston kitties will be adopted. Ari could have been adopted twice yesterday through ARF's Adopt-a-thon at the Ranchlands Tailblazers. His new family is on their way to pick him up. I'm gonna miss the little Mr. Personality, but maybe this means there's room for one more!

I'm hoping the siblings will also find their forever homes soon too.

Ari goes to a home with other dogs and another cat, which is just perfect for him. If anyone else is looking for a cat that had experience with other dogs or cats... check our Lizzie, Lloyd, Sloan and Sasha!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home from the vet and ready for adoption!

The kitties are home from the vet and are now ready to go up on the ARF website. That will make them officially available for adoption! Beadie, our resident dog, loves kitties, and was so happy that the cats were home. She waited patiently for them to come out of their crate.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Silly Sasha posing for the camera

Run! Jump! Chase! ... cat naps.

Meet Lizzie (as in Lizzie Grant)

Little Lizzie is my favorite. I love her little markings on her face. I call her 'the painted one.' Her markings are not white like Lloyd's, rather peach like her brother Ari. She has peach on her paws, face, and flecks of peach through her coat. She also has subtle grey tabby markings.

You may sense a difference in the kitties' names - they're named after characters from Entourage rather than characters from the Wire. We'll reserve those names for the rare occasion that we foster a puppy in the future! (Lil Bunny Colvin last September was the exception to this!)

Meet Sasha

We adore this all grey female kitty. She's a mixture of playful and cuddly and has beautiful subtle tabby markings.

Meet Sloan!

Sloan is a total charmer. She has this cute little white beauty mark on her face, a white belly and little wee white socks. She's the calmest of the litter and just loves to catch some zzzz's next to her human or feline companions.

Meet Lloyd!

We love this little character. Actually, he's the biggest of the litter, and probably the most curious. He loves, love, loves to wrestle with his siblings! He hardy sits still so it's super challenging to get a good picture of him!

Meet Ari (as in Ari Gold)

Ari is the only peach kitten in the litter. He's supper cuddly & mischievous like any little kitty. He follows his human companions around and keeps them entertained.

Cardston Kitties

Our five Cardston/Blood Reserve kitties will be fixed tomorrow and ready for adoption soon afterwards. Fostering kitties is much easier than fostering pups (although I do miss them!) and it's also very entertaining.

Our 5 little 9-wk old kitties include 2 boys and 3 girls, all domestic short hairs.