Saturday, November 28, 2009

Little K's Update!

We figured it was time for an update on little K's progress in her foster home as we help her in her search for the best forever home to meet her needs and make her the happiest little rescue pup. Here's what we can report!
-Loves walks and playing in the backyard with her fellow canine friend
-Lives with cats, and is indifferent most of the time
-Definitely food motivated and eager to please (has learned to sit, shake a paw (she LOVES this trick), down (in progress) and sometimes... fetch!
-Potty training is going really well - hardly any accidents and she's definitely used to routines
-Some car sickness if she's eaten before a car ride
-Belly rubs: We take this as a sign that K is really comfortable here. She curls up on the doormat and whenever you walk by, she rolls over to expose her belly and uses pleading eyes and a wagging tail to say, "please rub my belly, please!"
-Kimmy is accustomed to her crate, and as long as she's had some good exercise, she doesn't make a peep when she goes to bed
-Recall is pretty good for her age, but she's also very, very interested in rabbits:)
-Barking: Kimmy's forever home needs to accept everything that makes K who she is, including her nervous barking. Applicants should consider how they will work with Kimmy on her barking to help her be the best doggy she can be
-Socialization: Kimmy has had to fend for herself - her forever home will be prepared to spend lots of time getting Kimmy used to meeting different kinds of people and hanging out with other dogs.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My new tricks!

Kimmy is full of surprises! She's growing like crazy and seems to have had a burst of puppy energy. She's also learning "down" (usually with a treat) but this is great progress! AND, to our great surprise, last night Kimmy chased a ball, and brought it back, sat down on command and dropped the ball, and repeat! Over and over again! Up until now, she's shown very minimal interest in a ball and we haven't even attempted to teach fetch, but she's watched our resident dog fetch every morning and every night for ten days, so I guess she's been paying attention!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kimmy's wishlist

Kimmy's wishlist for a forever home includes the basics, like lots of love and cuddles and those belly rubs she's learning all about, room to play and someone to play with, but also a patient home that is willing to work with her on her nervous barking (usually when she sees something strange, strangers, or other dogs). Kimmy would love to socialize with other dogs - she just needs practice meeting other pups.

Kimmy is still really good in her crate and just loves her foster parents and people she sees regularly. We're working on "down" and her potty training is really coming along. We haven't had a foster pup that's had as much free run of the house as Kimmy (not even our own ARF puppy), and we credit this to routines and regular trips outside. She now only messes (knock wood) when we are out of the house.

She gets pretty excited and is starting to pull on her leash (it may just be because she's walking with another dog), but her new home will have to do some loose leash training. But no worries, she's very motivated by treats and very eager to please!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So eager to please!

What a happy dog! Kimmy's tail (and backend!) just wag and wag. She's also super easy to please and has gone from shaking a paw 7/10 times to 10/10 times... she's a pro! She's totally figured out "if I do this....I'll get a treat..."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shake a paw.

That's right, Kimmy learned to "shake a paw" tonight. We tried a few other times using various techniques, but no luck. We had also been trying to teach "down" and made some progress, but then she promptly forgot and doesn't seem interested! "Shake" on the other hand worked like a charm. She doesn't respond to the verbal command yet, but with a treat, she 7/10 times will shake a paw for you! It's this cute, soft, little paw that she gently places in your hand. Foster parents are so proud:) Beadie says, "Hey, that's my trick."

ARF Adoption Procedures

Please see the link below for ARF's adoption procedures:)

ARF Adoption Process

ARF strives to make the very best matches between people and rescued animals, quite simply so they don't have to rescue them again. The entire ARF adoption process is outlined on their website ( , but basically, you must complete their online application; if this is passed, then you will be contacted by a volunteer screener who will discuss with you what you are looking for a dog, and what kind of home you can provide for a dog. At that point, the screener contacts the foster home for the dog you are most interested in, and they call you. If the foster home thinks this could be a match, they arrange for you to meet the dog in the foster home. All members of the household and any resident dogs must be present. This is an opportunity to visit with the animal and ask the foster family any additional questions about the dog. Either you or the foster home may decide that this isn't a match. The next day, you contact the foster home to discuss how things went - if it's a match, the next step is to schedule a day visit, where the dog goes to your house. Again, all members of the household must be present. The foster parent does a yard check to ensure it's secure and safe; if it is, then the foster home leaves the dog with you for the day. This is a great opportunity to see how the dog interacts with your family, however, keep in mind that going to a new home and meeting new people can be quite intimidating for some dogs, and makes them nervous. You return to dog to the foster home at a pre-determined time. There are no overnight visits. The next morning, you discuss the visit with the foster family - waiting overnight is important to ensure no rush decisions are made to adopt a dog. If all is well, then you will meet the foster family once more to go over the adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee to ARF.

Please refer to the ARF website for complete information for potential adopters - here you will find information for renters who wish to adopt, information about fees and what the adoption fee includes etc.

There is no way of knowing the breed of an ARF dog - they are 100% ARF mixtures. This means, it is impossible to predict how big or small a dog will be. If this is a big concern for you, you may consider adopting an adult dog. If you know for sure you want a small breed, you can check out a new rescue organization called Little Mutts Rescue in Calgary. But, if you're open to the joy (and occasional challenges!) of bringing home a puppy and watching her grow, Kimmy may be for you.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Now up for adoption!

So Kimmy's been fixed and vaccinated, and is now ready for her forever home! She did the Petsmart tour today and was quite the rockstar. No doubt, she's super, super cute. Those terrier-like whiskers are ADORABLE!

Kimmy's forever home should be open to working with a barking dog - Kimmy does bark when she hears other dogs or sees things that appear suspicious. She's a lovely pup in search of a lovely home:)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me!?

We purchased this little dog bed before we returned to fostering. Beadie (our ARF doggie) turned her nose up at it until the new foster dog started using it, now Beadie LOVES to squeeze into it. Yuki, one of our resident cats also loves the dog bed. She had curled up for a nice long nap when Kimmy, fresh from her bath and ready for bed, came over, sniffed at the bed, and nonchalantly climbed in. Yuki pulled back and stared at Kimmy, but Kimmy didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with sharing the dog bed with a cat. Yuki, being a typical cat, decided she had better things to do and other places to be shortly after I snapped this picture.

ARF Friends!!

After a few hours of figuring out the 'rules', these two became fast friends. I'm sure our ARF dog likes having a canine companion.... Kimmy seems to understand her a whole lot better than our cats!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'll be famous soon:)

So Kimmy is fitting right in with her foster family. 24 hours ago she didn't know what to do on leash, but now that's old hat and she doesn't mind at all. She doesn't really seem to care about the cats, but our puppy doesn't really give her a chance to get interested in cats either! Kimmy has a fair bit to say when she's playing with our own puppy, but we've never had a puppy that is so quiet in the crate. Not a peep! The only time we hear anything is when she's starting to wake up and her tail wags back and forth forcefully, slapping against the sides of the crate!

Kimmy will be famous soon when her mug shows up on the ARF website. First she needs to be receive her first vaccination and have her surgery (next week!) After that, she'll be making the rounds at Petsmart looking for her forever home!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scruffy, cutie goodness!

I clean up well:)

Kimmy after her bath!


We called ARF to say we were ready for a new foster, now that our own ARF doggy is better trained and knows that her business is best done outdoors. We're not out of the kitty business either, but are very happy to welcome our newest foster, Kimmy! Kimmy is skinny and has some weight to gain, and although frightened at first, we think she's a very happy puppy (he tail wags like crazy, especially when food is near). She's cute and scruffy and is learning to play with our own ARF doggy. More pics to come! This one is Kimmy before her bath - she was pretty stinky from living outdoors and scrounging for food. She had a few burs but you could never tell now!